Defence shed 1

Defence Shed

Port Adelaide South Australia

Each year AIPIO selects a worthy charitable organisation to support. In lieu of the traditional silent auction, for 2021 we will support this charity by connecting our members and delegates to a fundraising webpage.

This year we have selected Defence Shed for our charity, given the important work they do supporting Defence veterans and their families. Defence Shed Port Adelaide featured in the report on the Independent Review of Past Defence and Veteran Suicides which was released on 15 September 2021.

Defence shed 2All sorts of activities are set up for veterans and their families by Defence Shed. This kids cubby house was assembled in Port Adelaide along with a great outdoor space for veterans and their families. Below are some photos of a Community Garden Project. Veterans and their families also participate in activities on and under the water! Click here for a video on canoeing and diving at Port Adelaide.

For more on Defence Shed Port Adelaide visit their facebook page. You can also check out their Defence Shed app.



Defence shed 3