Dr Carl Gibson
Director, Executive Impact



Suzanne Lockhart, 
Senior Security Consultant, Jacobs



Karl Mattingly
Chief Executive Officer, Dysrupt Labs



David Maybin
CSC Australia

David MaybinDavid has lead transformational initiatives across government and business for over twenty years and is involved in changing the way we think of business forever.    His key expertise is the delivery of transformation programs with a focus on people and delivering real business outcomes.

David is recognised as a thought leader in business transformation and is Past President of AIPIO and is currently director at OSIRA (Open Source Intelligence Research Association). David has presented at conferences in Australia and internationally on the impacts on people of transformation, technologies and change. 

Workshop: Breaking Down the Barriers

We live in unprecedented times. The extent of volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity that affect our lives, our relationships, our organizations, our communities, and the world has reached new levels.   

We live in a world where all things are intricately related and dealing with volatility and uncertainty is rapidly becoming the number one challenge.

Individuals now have the capability to change the social glue of society and the increasing disruptive changes we witness, result from built up tension in the system that is waiting to be released. Trust underpins the way we work and collaborate and this is being transformed by the increase in distributed accountability.

The craft of our professions is needed more than ever. New questions arise for those of us who have the ability, experience, methods and approaches, and who can take the lead in responding to new challenges. So how do we work with this, how do we manage this, what are the new tools we need to be able to operate in this transformational period? 


Dr Tim van Gelder Tim van Gelder
Melbourne Enterprise Fellow, University of Melbourne

Dr. Tim van Gelder is an applied epistemologist.  He's currently a Melbourne Enterprise Fellow in the School of BioSciences at the University of Melbourne and a co-leader of the SWARM Project.  He has an academic background in philosophy in cognitive science, but has ventured into consulting (www.vangeldermonk.com) and software development. His work has focused on reasoning and decision making, with a particular attention on structured argumentation. This has from time to time led to interaction with diverse parts of the intelligence community. 

Workshop: Argument Marshalling on the SWARM Platform

This workshop will focus on a promising new  structured analytic technique: Argument Marshalling (AM). We'll explore how AM can be used to represent and clarify sets of arguments in preparation for further critical analysis, or for presentation of arguments in some form such as a written report. The workshop will finish with an introduction to our IARPA funded SWARM Platform, which will facilitate collaborative AM.


Samir Mitha
Security Consultant, Jacobs

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